The Brownie Shoppe Story

Once Upon a Time… there was a professional woman in Washington, D.C. who longed to start her own business based on her passion for cooking, baking and creating. She saw what others did with custom cakes, cookies and cup cakes. She noticed that brownies were everywhere -- yet none were special.

Many were so loaded with preservatives that what little taste they had was bad. She saw a niche – a need – a market opportunity: premium, all-natural brownies in a myriad of flavors... with no compromise on the ingredients. And no sooner had she proven her brownie vision, she spied new product opportunities just waiting to be tapped.

Soon she was on to homemade marshmallows, krispie treats and other new products, all with the same commitment to all-natural ingredients and premium quality. A star is born!

Our Vision

Once Upon a Time… coffee in America was 50¢ a cup and tasted all the same. There was a coffee company in Seattle that believed Americans would appreciate – and pay a premium price for – a high quality, upscale cup of coffee. Now $5.00 cups of coffee (with funny names) are found on every corner.

In proving their vision, the coffee company proved that (1) Americans will pay a premium price for a premium product, (2) what was once a common everyday product can become a platform for a whole new user experience, and (3) by developing multiple flavors and multiple combinations of an old standby, a global company can be built.

Well, just like premium coffee, the time is always right for a good brownie (or other premium dessert). Customers know quality and so do we!

Our History

Once Upon a Time… a gourmet market in Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) test-marketed 5 half trays of different flavors of The Brownie Shoppe brownies. They didn’t even last through the weekend. Customers were calling in to ask about them by name by the second week. By the third week, the market doubled its orders and added 5 new flavors. The store has not been without them since. It has even added retail "grab-and-go" packages for several new Brownie Shoppe products.

Recently, several high-end caterers have added Brownie Shoppe products to their dessert platters, distinguishing themselves from the competition and increasing their margins. Hotels have discovered unique turn-down gifts. The vision is working – the story is spreading!